An office for Jeff!

Behold! A kitchen nook becomes an office!

What does the idle writer do with her hands? Um, well I no longer smoke and I realized long ago that these hands should do more than just shovel salty snacks into my mouth, and the fridge is already full of homemade soups and stews, so why not tackle a reno project/b-day gift to my dear husband who has never had an office?!

Here are the results after a night of planning, a day of shopping, and another day painting, building, and installing. I love the final product and I love that Jeff loves it. I have never heard him utter "wow" so many times in a row!

The best thing that Jeff said, is that the office feels like him, a real reflection of who he is, and what he loves...travel, water, books, on golf, and scuba, pics of friends that love him, and frames waiting to be filled with more photos of friends and family. He said that he could never have dreamed of an office so great and yet the moment he saw it, realized that it was exactly the office that he had been dreaming of.

To me this is what an office should be, a reflection of who we are and where we are at, right now. I adore my office and I love seeing other people's offices. Where do you work? Send me photos!

Here is Jeff's office built with love and hard work, not just by me, but by our friend Giovanni, a brilliant interior designer and set decorator. Without Giovanni's efforts and vision none of this would have been possible.

This man has more ideas than rooms to fill, so if you have a space that needs re-imagining he is the one to call. Let me know if you want to chat with him, and I can put you in touch.

Now to reorganize my own office...and maybe start a new project....hmmmm.

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

so terrific! i have an office but for some reason i never work there. i do all my work on the living room couch, where i do everything - eat, watch tv, sleep...

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