To British Mini Series....

As I have been recuperating from my cold, I have been watching a lot of movies at night. I am still writing all day, but after dinner, I have been watching Romantic Comedies as I am writing one. Now as is always the way with me, I have to balance my comedic side with my dramatic side, when I am working on one I need the other, and so this week I watched the British mini-series, State Of Play.

You may remember that there was an American movie version done with Ben Affleck, Russel Crowe, Rachel MacAdams, and Helen Mirren...all fine actors, but it pales in comparison to the British version. The original British version that you see here, is so complicated and intricate and there is great dialogue and terrific acting from Bill Nighy, James MacAvoy, Kelly MacDonald, David Morrissey, John Simms and so many others. I watched three in one night on Net Flix, and then unable to wait, raced out to Rocket Video the next night for part 2, and watched the remaining 3 episodes in one sitting. I was sad when it was over and shared it with my friend and neighbor Tiffany, who returned it saying..."More State Of Play!!". But there is no more. That's the great thing. It was a great story, done right and the writer knew when to stop. No milking it out, or watering it down, or pandering to the audience. Just great storytelling that leaves you wanting more.

This is a great lesson for me this week, and weekend, as I am up to my eyeballs in novel revisions and am trying to write the cleanest, meanest screenplay outlines.

If you love a good plot driven, political/newspaper/government scandal/intrigue story...then check this one out!

Have a great weekend!


lynn said...

adding it to my netflix queue. thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

love this series!

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