Pretty paperless stationary!

Recently I got an invitation to a bridal shower on this gorgeous stationary that arrived via email. Now, I love stationary, always have. I adore pretty paper and journals and printed notebooks, but I am aware of the environmental cost of all this paper, and so I try to buy paper that is at least partially recycled and send internet cards whenever possible. The problem is that up until now, those internet cards have been a sorry substitute for gorgeous stationary, and the experience one gets of opening a letter. Enter Paperless Post, a beautiful online stationary service that allows you to put together lovely notes, invites and letters and arrives in your email box in an envelope, that opens. I just sent a thank you card to a friend and she LOVED it! It is free to start and then offers a really reasonable 'stamp' purchase price. Writing emails, just got a whole lot prettier!

Check it out!

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