Manic Monday...

It's been a busy start to the week. I am working on a new freelance project that is all tech savvy and challenging for my mildly tech savvy self, and I've been making major changes on my script outline, while putting the finishing touches on my rom-com script.

Thankfully the sun is shining again in L.A. and my energy is buoyed a bit by the blue skies. I mean I love the rain for writing, but that felt like a lot of rain.

Lately I have been starting to think about the new novel. I know, I know, my debut novel's latest revisions are still being reviewed, but I also know that for me, when a project ends it is good to have another one lined up. It is hard right now to even imagine going back to those beginning pages of a novel, where I have no real idea what it is that I am writing, just that there is a phrase or image that keeps whispering to me to follow it. Especially after all this structured screenwriting, to venture into the wild unknowns of the novel is more than a little terrifying...and thrilling. I think I will just keep my ears open to the whispering and see where it takes me.

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