Loving Lonny

When I am writing as much as I am these days, all I want to do on my break is look at pictures. Although the idea of actually tearing myself away from my desk to flip through a magazine, gives me hives and pangs of guilt that I should be working harder. Alas, this was all before I discovered Lonny... a great on line home design magazine. Lonny stands for London and New York, and it is gorgeous eye candy all the way. It also provides some great inspiration and shopping help, as you can click on a picture and link to where that item is available. Fabulous! I spent today's break looking at their office reno, and imagining how I could improve my new office-in-the-dining room. I think I now know how. And I think it's a good thing that Lonny only comes out every two months, as I have way to much work to do, to be drooling over its pages!!

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