The wait is almost over...

Tomorrow I have a much anticipated meeting with my beloved literary agency about the latest draft of my manuscript. I can't wait! I am so excited to hear what they thought of the extensive changes. This latest version was the one where I restructured the novel, changing the order of some scenes, grounding flashbacks back in the present when they were over and adding new scenes for characters whose motives needed to be more clearly fleshed out. It was a big revision and I did it at break neck speed, as I have a lot going on in my personal life, all good, but demanding none the less.

Apparently I wasn't the only person who tried to get my novel in before the summer, as it turns out that my agent's right hand gal, had 15 manuscripts that arrived at the same time, all ready to be read. Wow!

Now that it is September and all the publishing world is back, things are busy once more, and the race against the clock continues. Soon things will go quiet for the Jewish holidays, then we have just October and November before American Thanksgiving, before everyone goes on holiday again. Of course I am hoping that these latest changes are the last, and that my debut novel can go out into the world soon in its quest to find a home...but we will see. I'm looking forward to the next round of waiting, the kind where I wait for editors at publishing houses to read my book...and then decide they have to BUY it!

Fingers and toes and eyes are crossed!

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