Picnic by the Pacific...

Another great thing about having a visitor is doing all those great things that I told myself I would do all the time when I first moved to L.A. and then let go by the wayside, when I actually started to live here. These things include, climbing canyons, going to the Getty just for lunch and the view, and having picnics by the Pacific. Now I walk on sidewalks, eat lunch in front of my computer, and my view, although beautiful is of the courtyard right outside my office window, where I sit all day at my desk. Well, yesterday after strolling along the boardwalk in Santa Monica, we had a picnic on the grassy boulevard along Ocean Walk, stared out at the Pacific Ocean and found refuge from the sun under the shady palm trees. I even took my shoes off and cooled my feet on the grass, closed my eyes and had a little nap. It was heaven. And Monday I am going hiking in the canyon and then off to the Getty for lunch...and of course the view.

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