I have a friend coming in for the weekend, which is very, very exciting! We are going to drink Margarita's, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway and walk the beach in Malibu...and no, none of it at the same time or in that order. We're not pulling a Mel Gibson...there will be no name calling either, unless those names are Nordstroms, Anthropology, or Banana Republic.

The great thing about having visitors, apart from the chance to play hooky for a few days and eat at my favorite restaurants, is that it forces me to be productive. I can have three days of almost no writing, but take away those three days from me and my brain goes into overdrive. Suddenly I must make up for the time that I will "lose". I get up early, work out, clean the apartment, get the car washed, respond to all my e-mails and sit down and write for hours! Hmmm....maybe I should have visitors more often. Or maybe just a big Margarita on a stick that I dangle in front of my computer to get more work done.

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ETP said...

Mmm, margaritas on a stick. I see A Great Need. A Great Need, indeed.

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