Amazing Author: Jessica Tinkler

Today's Amazing Author book was written by my friend Jessica Tinkler.

Jessica's book is exactly the kind of book about healthy eating and living that you want to read; honest, straight forward, sensible and inspiring. Real plans for real people, written by a real person who has all of the demands of real life and meets them without the aid of an assistant, chef, and unlimited funds and resources. She's not a celebrity author with an entourage, and for me that is what makes her book and her blog, (shown above, click it to see her link) so great! I've posted some information from her site below, along with links to her great new book. Check it out! You'll be glad that you did.

About Jessica...

I’m a certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine and Can-Fit Pro, a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant with The American Council on Exercise and a certified SPINNING instructor. I have a passion for health and fitness. I know how great it feels to be doing something good for yourself, but I also know how hard it is sometimes to get yourself on the right track. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone feel stronger, healthier and ultimately happier.

THE PLAN; Shop, Stock and Serve

I’m thrilled to announce that The Plan; Shop, Stock and Serve is now available at all online retail locations! Get your copy today!

To purchase in Canada CLICK HERE

To Purchase in the USA CLICK HERE

Here’s a sneak peak:

It’s easy to understand the concept of eating lean protein with vegetables to lose weight, but if you don’t normally eat these foods and don’t have the time to prepare them, following a diet is challenging. The Plan: Shop, Stock and Serve, not only addresses this issue head on, but it provides the answers.

Food is social. It’s front and center when we get together with friends, family and loved ones. We celebrate with it, laugh with it and sometimes even cry with it. How can you expect to come off of life’s emotional rollercoaster without turning to Ben and Jerry’s? Stuff happens! The dinner parties are not just going to stop. Your busy life will not just go away. In order to change the way you eat and drop those pounds for good, you need a plan.

With The Plan:
* You won’t have to follow a restrictive diet. Your plan is made for you, by you!
* All your favorite foods can go on your plan, and yes, you will still lose weight.
* You will only have to hit the grocery store once a week.
* For once, healthy eating will actually simplify your life.
* The Plan is something you can realistically do for life.

Any book can tell you what to eat in order to lose weight. Implementing those changes into your lifestyle is the tricky part. Unlike any other book on the market, The Plan focuses on providing you with the right tools to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s the essential map to healthy eating and living.

The Plan: Shop, Stock and Serve includes a cookbook with over 120 recipes, meal and snack ideas, as well as an exercise and activity guide with over 30 basic strength-training exercises that are easy to do at home.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! I love the post!

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