What a week!

Since last writing, I submitted my novel changes, heard back that they won't be read for about a month, (some distance is needed for a fresh perspective), took the novel back to fuss over, wrote new pages, had those looked at, and am getting ready to go over the entire book all over again to resubmit to fresh eyes in June. Whew! Add to that my fourth round of revisions on my romantic comedy screenplay, a tough call on another script that I am working on, and sleepless nights with a dog that has hot spots! It's finally Friday, and I am properly knackered.

One thing that I have realized though is that I am always more tired when I have things to deal with that are stressing me. Who isn't? I want to avoid them because I am tired, but in avoiding them I feel badly and even more drained. So I've decided that no matter how tired I am, or how little sleep I get, when I wake up, I have to just get up and get on with it and tackle that mountain of work. Hence being at this desk since 5:30am.

This weekend, I am going to knock a few more things off my list in...I will enjoy it more if I do!

Have a great weekend!

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