Breakfast for lunch...

We had dear friends visiting from Toronto over for Brunch today and enjoyed oatmeal, homemade vegan scones, greek yogurt, berries and coffee! Everything was really yummy, but the company was the best....Jessica Tinkler who wrote The Plan (featured on this weeks amazing authors) and her husband Rob were our guests.

Jessica is an AMAZING cook, and she really liked my scones, which is a huge compliment!! I was so happy that she liked them, that I gave her what was left to enjoy on the plane.

Keeping the breakfast theme going I had it again, for lunch- Steelcut Oatmeal, blueberry greek yogurt and fresh berries. So delicious! Although I must admit that even though I spent lunch at my desk, I have spent most of my day reading outside...glorious. A much needed day off to recharge my batteries.

Have a great weekend!

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Jessica said...

And enjoy them she did on the plane! Thanks again for the beautiful breakfast and delicious baking!

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