The dirty R word...

Revisions. I've lamented about them before, and I am doing so again. I just got back notes on my manuscript, a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh perspective, and am looking forward to discussing them at length with the editor today.

It always takes a while to process new information and opinions about the work, especially when I have been living with it for so long. It's a delicate process, sifting through someone else's thoughts, feelings, taste and opinions. I spent the weekend transcribing every note on my manuscript, re-reading what I wrote, and looking for ways to satisfy the desires of all involved. As my husband and I like to say around here, it's a 'high class' problem, ( we stole that line from our friend Jud!) polishing your manuscript so that your dedicated and supportive agent, can start shopping your debut novel with the intention of finding a great publisher!

I'm lucky to have so much support around me, great writer friends, a fabulous mentor, an amazing agency on my side and an editor who is really looking to help me make this book the best it can be.

Now, I'd just love 2 more months of uninterrupted writing time, and for time to stand still. I know, give me an inch...

Happy Monday!

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