Just stop!

Sometimes, I just love Los Angeles, like when I was driving down the street with my husband and saw these great stop signs. They immediately made me smile. I actually have a big issue with stop signs, or rather with people not stopping but rolling through them. It makes me crazy. It doesn't take more than 2 seconds to stop and as a pedestrian, I really resent having to watch out for drivers, texting, talking, only looking one way, running stop signs, when I step off the curb alone, or with my sweet pups, not to mention someone gunning it past me, while I am still crossing. Come on folks, you're in a CAR, you can really do some damage, which on foot, I can not. I always joke with my husband that I'd like my own siren to wail whenever I witness one of these daily (ten times daily!) infractions.

But for now, I'm just glad that someone out there chose to make the STOP SIGNS, a little more interesting, so that who knows, people might just stop at them, and read them, and think. And if anyone can do a "Stop. Really.", sign, I'd be grateful for that too.


lynn said...

i love seeing our hood on your blog!

tcaugust said...

Thanks Gina! As a pedestrian I have yelled at many a car that almost took me out in our neighborhood. Even at crosswalks they start moving before you are out of the lane. Great moment: I was crossing Larchmont at a stop sign in a crosswalk. Just as I was entering the middle lane going south this woman comes through so I have to stop and I yell at her about having the right of way (yes it jars my morning walks/jogs). I make my way across and then I see a cop pulling her over. Victory!!
Love the stop sign photos

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