Wearing lots of hats...and running on Jet Fuel.

After a wonderful visit to Toronto to see family and friends, we are back in L.A. Thanks to amazing friends and neighbors who house and dog sat, we returned to a clean home and happy pups. The fact that there were fresh sheets on the bed as well, made me want to weep! After 11 hours door to door,  we were ready to collapse. And collapse we did.

Wednesday I hit the ground running, checking in with my literary agent on what is hopefully the final revision, getting back in touch with manuscript clients to see how their changes and query letters are coming along and revising my copywriting resume in an effort to find a steady part-time freelance job. Novel writing takes years, and as everyone knows you don't get paid to write your novels, you get paid when you sell them. So in the meantime a lot of writers wear many different hats in an effort to support themselves while they write. I work in naming and branding, as a copywriter, a manuscript story editor, a proofreader and also an actor. I'm also a mom, a wife, a daughter and sister, and try my best to be a good friend to many near and far. Like a lot of people I know, I wear a lot of different hats and I work hard to wear them all well, and some times are better than others. I find coffee helps, like the amazing beans from Toronto's Jet Fuel, a very thoughtful gift from my cousin and her husband. Now if only I didn't need to sleep.

What about you? How many hats are you wearing these days and do you ever wish you wore just one?

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