Resume reassurance...

I have been working on a resume. Now for someone who has been self employed or worked due to referrals, a resume, a job-job resume is a really hard thing for me to write! Where to start? Why does it all look so weird? What have I done with my life? Why didn't I go to law school? Waaah. Inevitably, these are some of the thoughts that go through my head. It's amazing how looking for work, always leads me back to judging myself through those ol' "you-should've-done-something-different" goggles.


I wrote the resume. I showed it to a couple of very smart business friends. One of them helped me with my confidence, "it doesn't matter that you didn't study this in school, you've been getting paid for it for the last 5 years". Oh right. And another said, "you're selling yourself short, you also do..." and listed a huge list of things that yup, I do, but hadn't stated. He also told me what I really could be earning.

It was one big wake up call. It turns out, I really have done a lot and I really did need a resume to remind me of that fact. Regardless of who sees it or if I need to use,  I have one and just the very act of writing it, reminded me that even though I don't clock in at an office, I have indeed worked my butt off and made great strides. And for that, it was worth it. Although I am glad that it is done.

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