Doing what we can and doing it well

I worked in an office this week, and as far as offices go, it's a beauty. Well, as far as buildings go, it's a beauty. Truly. And I drove happily to work each day that I had to be there. I got a job. A job-job. A job that interests me and uses my skills as a writer and namer and brander and is flexible. I get to work part time from home and part time in the office and I work for a fabulous boss, who is excited about what I bring to the table and also is teaching me so much in the best possible way...sharing information and including me in the process. It is pretty much a dream situation and I just hope that it goes on and on and on.

I also was an actress briefly again this week, and had a great callback, but I didn't get it. They liked the blonde. I think she matched the kids. And I was so upset with myself that I didn't get the spot, that I couldn't make them want me. But how? How would I do that, I am who I am and look the way I look and to be upset that the director doesn't like my hair color is ridiculous. My skills weren't being rejected, it wasn't because my 'work' wasn't any good, it was not about me. I can only do a great audition, to get a callback and after that it is about who looks right with who. For someone like me who always strives to do more, to not be able to 'do' anything about a situation is frustrating.

It was a great contrast; my new job that is all about my skills, and the job I lost that wasn't about them at all. Here's to being valued for what I can do and do well.

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