Happy New Years!!

2010. I have been trying to come up with a great catch phrase for 2010...and have yet to find one. There was take it to eleven in 2007, and it's gonna be great in 2008, and everything's fine in 2009...but the best we have found for 2010, comes from my brother in law, who suggested...it's gonna be Zen in 2010. Which is good, except that I am not feeling too Zen these days.

What I am feeling, is tired from all the lovely holiday visiting, kinda stressed about the fact that I have a Monday deadline for a project that I have yet to have the time to start, and anxious to get back to my second novel, which I hope to finish by this summer. I feel ready and I feel determined, determined to see my goals realized. All the ground work that I have been laying for the last few years is finally starting to pay off and I am feeling both a strong sense of accomplishment and also a resolve to take all of these projects and plans to the next level. I want to work more and write more. I want to love more and laugh harder. I want to be healthier and stronger. I want to keep on growing and learning and finding new adventures in this crazy, wonderful life.

And I will. I know I will. So maybe in that way, my brother in law is right...maybe it is gonna be Zen in 2010. Less worrying, more doing, and trusting that all the hard work is and will continue to pay off.

My New Year's resolution...Keep on. And what about you? Do you make resolutions? And if you do...care to share?


Grand Pooba said...

It's gonna begin in 2010!

Now is when, in 2010!

lynn said...

happy new year to you, gina!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Guys! And to you!!

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