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I love to travel. I love the experience of going to a new place and seeing how people in a different city/country/continent live. What do they wear? What do they eat? What do they see? Of course there are many similarities, but there are also so many differences. I know that there is a Starbucks or a Gap in every country, but what about going beyond places like these, and discovering the mom and pop shops, the places the locals go, the things the locals do, the must see spots that you might only know are must see, if you already know someone who lives there? And what about sleeping in the dessert, climbing a waterfall, sailing across the Caribbean in your own boat? How do you find out how to do that?

Well, that is where Your Journey comes in. They will help you plan the kind of trip that you want to take. Safariing in South Africa? The best Gelaterias in Italy? A chance to witness the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan in the spring? No matter what your wildest travel dreams, Anna and Karl will plan the whole trip for you. Karl and Anna each have more than 20 years experience in the travel business and, combined, they have visited all seven continents and traveled in over 80 countries, so they know what they are doing! Or, if you are a control freak that can't remove themselves from the process entirely (guilty), but just aren't sure what exactly you want to do, then they will work with you as travel coaches!

I know for me every place that I have ever gone to has informed my work in some way or another. Whether it was taking a day trip up to Solvang or going to Italy, the time away has stayed with me long after the days spent there themselves. It's no surprise that the protagonist of my new novel travels to Italy, and also Africa. Although she doesn't go on a safari, see the spring fashion shows in Paris, or scuba in Costa Rica...hmmmm....might be time for a call to Your Journey.


Unknown said...

Loving the new format and content! Wanting to travel to India.... B

The Rejection Queen said...

Are those your poodles??? I LOVE IT!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Brianna!! I know, I want to go too!

Just checked our your fabulous blog TRQ!!! Can not wait to read your book! So glad that you stopped my blog...hope to see you here again soon :)

Oh, and yes they are...a bichon and a bichon/poodle mix...Mabel and Lily :)

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