A New Author Next week!!!

It has been one month since I launched the new and improved Sorell Says...and I am thrilled that people love the new look and format!! I especially love the Amazing Author interviews by Caroline Leavitt, that are posted every Tuesday. I love reading about another author's process, what inspires them, what plagues them, and what their brilliant minds come up with. If you haven't already, please check out the 3 great interviews that have been posted here.

Tonight I am blogging from the Toronto International Airport, having paid $10.00 for wi-fi, which should burn me more than it does, but after so much travel, I have gotten used to what I like to call the $25.00 airport visit; water, a sandwich and a magazine. This time, I was lucky enough to get a free lunch to go at one of my favorite restaurants in Toronto, Mocha Mocha (home of the yummiest and healthiest food ever! I could eat here 3 times a day!) and I didn't have room in my carry on for a magazine, thanks to the new safety rules that prohibit all but necessary items from the one bag you are allowed to take onto the airplane. So in fact, I managed to save money....Gina math.

This visit home was a fabulous one! Lots of friends and family and food and drink and work, and very little sleep. But I am heartened by what I have read in some of Caroline's Amazing Author interviews...that sometimes the work needs to germinate, and be fed if it is to grow. Here's hoping that my novel likes to be fed wine and chocolate and copious amounts of caffeine! If that is the case, then novel number 2 should be in good shape for my return to it.

L.A. Bound!!!

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