Mad Men Staycay at its best!

Back from my one day staycation, and it was fabulous!! After taking the dogs into daycare for their overnighter, Jeff and I headed downtown, and had lunch at Church & State, a great French style bistro. I have a weakness for shellfish and Church & State, had the most delicious Malapeque oysters which we shared. Then it was on to a seared ahi tuna sandwich for Jeff and a bowl of Moules et frites for me...mmmmussels. I even had wine with lunch and a beautiful lemon mousse with lemon sorbet for dessert! Decadent.

After lunch we checked into the Biltmore, which is the grandest of old hotels downtown and the site of the very first academy awards. I love the Biltmore, and I love that they are having crazy midweek specials, like a King size room for $140.00!! The place is full of history, black and white photos line the halls, and the building is magnificent. I had to be careful of where I was going as I kept staring at the gorgeous painted and carved wooden ceiling. Our room was great and even better was...the pool. Now, I love swimming, but don't think that I have swam in 9 years. I am so self conscious in a swimsuit, ridiculous I know, but the pool at The Biltmore, with its floor to ceiling aqua tiles, carved stone reliefs, and warm water fountains along the pools edge beckoned. It felt amazing, and liberating and so good to be back in the water, that I definitely won't let another 9 years go by before taking the plunge again. After our swim, we steamed, and saunaed and then got dressed up for dinner at First and Hope. But first a drink at the Gallery bar in the hotel. Very old school, very Grand Central station and fun. And then... to the supper club!

I had heard so much about First and Hope, and had been dying to try it. Tucked into a mall, is a glamorous little bar and restaurant where all the waiters were decked out in beautiful 1920's dresses. The food was delicious, the portions were small, and the service although slow, was attentive. I am glad that we went, but I don't feel a need to go back. For the same kind of vibe, I still love the Edison, which has a great retro laid back vibe, and is half the price.

After another swim and steam and sauna this morning we picked up the girls and headed back home and got to work! It was a decadent staycation for sure, but it was made a lot less expensive by the fact that my husband had played poker for the first time in ages the night before and won!! And, it was only a day away, but in that one day, I had a relaxing and romantic getaway to France for lunch, Manhattan for martini's and back in time to the 20's for dinner. And if I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm water, and the quiet long lengths that I swam. Sometimes a day away is all you need.


lynn said...

sounds amazing - i love it!!! i've done the biltmore walking tour but i imagine staying there is magical....

Unknown said...

Kewl. I wanna live there.

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