It's been a busy time around here, just the way I like it, but I don't see a real break until the fall, when my deadline will be met and family will come out and visit. Although my husband and I are used to me locking myself up in my office to write all day and then emerging semi-coherent around supper time, we decided that while I still can sneak off for a night... we should. And so we are. Sneaking off that is. It will just be for one night and I am calling it our Mad Men staycation, but I am really excited. I will work during the day, toting my laptop with me, but tonight I am putting on a party dress going to dinner and a show and enjoying all things retro and fabulous. I'm talking sipping Manhattan's, listening to big Jazz bands and staying overnight at a hotel!

I will be back tomorrow with more details and pictures. And yes, I will be back at my desk, working and happy to do so.

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lynn said...

mad men staycay - yes yes yes!!!

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