Time keeps on sippin'...

One of the benefits of having a home office is that you can work at any time. One of the downsides of having a home office, is that you can work at any time. It really does go both ways. But that's the only way I like it, to be truthful.

Right now I am working on a script and have a pretty tight timeline. As a result there has been no delineation between work week and weekend for my brain. Mornings I take to answer e-mails, walk the dogs and hopefully exercise, and then I write until a late dinner, a good 8 hours later, grab a frozen yogurt from my new addiction Toppers (their motto is serving the best frozen yogurt since 1985! Love it!) and then I sit on the couch and watch movies for research. Everyday for the last 2 weeks this has been my routine. I normally write for 5 hours a day, but due to my deadline this is not an option. And I expect the days to get longer.

Alas that doesn't mean that I can't switch into weekend mode and crank the tunes, let my hair down and fix myself a delicious cocktail! I have started to get a bit of a reputation for mixing a mean martini. My friends and neighbors have come to expect something new every time we have a get together, and I kind of love it. I am actually not a big drinker, but I do love bars. I love their look, the stemware, the brightly colored bottles. I have had a bar in every apartment since I was 21, and have moved it with me all over the country. It is an art deco cabinet that was left behind in an apartment that I was renting, and I stripped it and refinished it and keep it stocked full of good wine and liquor, pretty vases, cocktail napkins and all things entertaining.

Of course when I am writing this much, there isn't as much time for entertaining, and I definitely can't drink and write, unless I want sloppy prose, but I can sip a cocktail and review my work, and make lists and goals for the next day and stay at my desk another hour longer without feeling like I am missing out on a night of weekend fun.

Alas, it is Monday morning and the weekend is far away...or then again is it?


lynn said...

why is it that i never run into you on larchmont?! we always go to the same places!!!

Gina Sorell said...

I know it's crazy!! Let's do a double blind date! Both our guys are in the biz, and you and I are writer/actor/bloggers...whaddya say?

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