Deadline Mania

Apologies for a whole week to go by in between blog posts! I am swamped with deadlines. My novel revisions are due in two weeks, my script revisions are due, like yesterday, but I am going to get them in by the middle of March, and I break script on a new project this weekend. Add to that auditions, and callbacks, and I am knackered! My emails are piling up, my facebook is even woefully neglected, and I opened mail for the first time in weeks today! I got behind, or rather I got stuck in revisionland. I made a weeks worth of changes on my novel, and then decided that I didn't like them and had to start over. But a couple of days ago, I finally managed to crack a problem in my novel that has been troubling me, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I am chaining myself to my desk, turning off the phone and finishing the rest of the macro revisions that I need to make. After a day off yesterday from writing, I am actually feeling excited about the mountain of work that is waiting for me. Let the revisions continue!!

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