Happy Valentines Day!!

I celebrated Valentine's day with a super long walk with my sweetie, and a trip to the park with my girls. After a wonderful week of hanging with my sister who was visiting, I am taking it slow today. It was wonderful to have my sister here and the timing of her visit was perfect! Just at the end of her trip I got notes back on my latest revision of my novel, which were well received, and it looks like there are a few more things to polish and then I am going to go through the whole thing with fresh eyes and see how all these changes have come together. Seamlessly, I hope.

I feel like writing is a labor of love. A long and often solitary labor of love. And even when I am lucky enough to collaborate on a writing project, like I am now, there is a lot of love and patience involved for the work, for my fellow writer, for the entire process and the privilege that I feel getting to do what it is that I love to do.

I have a few weeks before our next guest arrives and I am going to spend it up to my eyeballs in novel revisions, script revisions, and finishing an outline on a new script that is based on adapted work. I LOVE that I can not wait to dive into all this writing. It will be like Valentine's day every day...except without all the chocolate. But I can have always have flowers!

Happy Valentine's day to all of you, and here's hoping that you love what you do too!

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