Today's lunch wasn't exactly at my desk, but it was on a paper plate! Jeff and I snuck out for lunch today at Lemonade, a great salad/soup/sandwich/crockpot lunch spot that I adore. In addition to the spaghetti squash, roasted brussel sprouts and farro and mushroom salad, (my faves) I tried, the mini pasta and mozzarella, root veggies and basil, and arugula salads. I'd add the arugula to the list, and try two new ones next time. Of course I can not pass up a mini red velvet cupcake for $1.00, which I shared with Jeff, along with a cucumber mint lemonade, that was just the right blend of sweet and refreshing! Lunch was 6 hours ago, and I am still full! And after a big week of writing, outlining, and getting notes on my script...it was nice to play hooky a little, and let someone else do the cooking!

Have a great weekend!

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lynn said...

i adore lemonade as well. can you believe the USC students have one in their CAFETERIA?!?!

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