Bed rest...

I've been on bed rest for the last two days, all is well, but it was the doctors orders. I must admit, as someone who always loves to be busy, I was really concerned about how I would adjust to not being able to get up and go whenever I wanted. Even if it was only for two days. But the truth is, with pals like these, it has been pretty easy. My husband has been amazing! He has cooked for me and set me up in sunbeams with blankets and snacks and my laptop. He has bought me frozen yogurt and kept me company watching dvd's, he has run my baths and made sure that I am doing as little as possible. And he has done all of it without any fuss. THAT is love. And my constant companions Mabel and Lily have stuck to my side like glue. More love. I have been showered in love and well, that is probably the best medicine of all.

All this good rest will put me in fine form for my latest novel revision. I just got my notes back yesterday, and things are looking good! A few more tweaks, and maybe a new scene or two and I hope that it will be good to go. One thing is for sure, I will be busy once again, writing away like a maniac. I have 2-3 weeks to get these changes done and I can not wait to get started. But before I start rushing around. I have a little more resting to do. Lucky for me, I get to hang with these guys.

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Anna said...

Hope you feel better. I am sure you will with your posse of helpers! Good luck with the revisions.

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