In between time...

I am still doing the waiting game, and have decided to fill that time with binge fiction reading, (loved THE HELP), and series and film watching. Now I know it sounds like I am just lazing about, but honestly I am doing research. I am watching romantic comedy's for my one script and psychological thrillers for my other script and finally starting to see what my much admired screenwriter friends see...structure. The seams of the stories are more noticeable than they were before. The devices, introductions of new character and plot points are showing more than they were before. I am watching more as a writer than I am an audience member and it is a revelation. Of course I still have so much to learn and still need tons of structure work and guidance but it doesn't seem as impossible to master as it once was.

I have a 2 day vacation coming up, and I plan on just watching movies, the first season of In Treatment and reading a Douglas Coupland book that has been stacked next to my bed for way too long. I am immersing myself. And hopefully when I emerge, I will have news on the things that I am waiting for.

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Anna said...

You will love In Treatment! Great show, first season was my favourite.

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