It's Friday...already. This week has flown by and left very little time for blogging! I had 2 great freelance jobs, with super quick turnarounds, a couple of commercial auditions and callbacks. Usually this is my happy hour Friday celebration, but today I am already in my sweats and going to take a nap before dinner. I am pooped! I am not even cooking and baking like I usually do, so my meals have gotten a wee bit lazier.

This desk meal was easy and delicious. I made a big chopped salad with pepperocinos and fako-baco-bits and then put a little angel hair pasta salad with artichokes, lemon and lots of black pepper and parmesan on top. It was delicious, and I'd definitely do it again.

Looking forward to a weekend of reading and relaxing and script revisions. Have a great weekend!

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lynn said...

angel hair pasta!!! my go-to in college b/c it cooked so fast. i don't think i've had any since then!??!

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