Do the hustle!!

Well, my mother-in law just left for Winnipeg and it was a lovely low key visit. I managed to get some work done, but have to admit that I now have a small mountain of work stacked up before me and I am just too pooped to tackle it...but I am.

I have been hustling for work, hustling up blurbs for my novel (calling all published authors, will you read my book and say something nice, please?!)and trying to stay on top of my screenwriting and new novel writing. I just got the most delicious copy writing gig, and it is so yummy, it will hardly seem like work at all!

Good thing I have the whole weekend clear ahead of me and can just live in my pjs and write like a crazy woman. Behold the picture...I got the crazy part down!

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lynn said...

have a good weekend, m'dear! i need to chillax myself....

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