Give that baby a name!!!!

Oh sweet naming! I spent all weekend dreaming up names for my debut novel, my baby. My agent decided that we needed a new name, one that really captured the book, and maybe not the name that I started out with when I first started writing the book...as well...books change and grow. Just like babies, human and furbabies alike. Although those are messier. But I digress.

So, I came up with 43 new names, and yes it was like growing new skin, painful, itchy and so uncomfortable! Imagine if one day your lover said to you, "I know that you have known me for 4 years now, and you are used to calling me Bob, but I'd like you to start calling me Josiah." This only works in my book if you you were originally called Josiah, or Cat Stevens, but again, I digress!

Well, after all the names were in, I got an e-mail from my mama...she thought that the book should be called..."Let it Be Me." Brilliant! A perfect fit! I loved it immediately, as does my agent. And so for now, until maybe the publisher who gets the actual final say decides differently, Navel Gazing is now called Let it Be Me.

Oh, yes. Let it.


Grand Pooba said...

love the new name!!! a real keeper.

Unknown said...

Even though I haven't read it, I love the name! But I also love the one that came before. You know, MacIvor changes the names of his plays constantly. Each time I love the new one better than the last.

lynn said...

i like the title! there's a song by the indigo girls with that title, i think?!

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks GP- I think so too!

Kim- that is good to know about MacIvor...I had no idea! Me too re: Navel Gazing, but I love this one.

TAD- I didn't know that... really? That would be fitting. I listened to the Indigo's non-stop to fall asleep, when I first lived in NYC. And my book takes place in NYC. Cool.

robert e said...

mama comes thru! great title...

I know the song as a standard covered by many artists - Dylan, Dave Edmunds, Ray Lamontagne, Willie Nelson - don't know the Indigo Girls version but I have a couple that I'll email you

cheers, r.

Gina Sorell said...

Go Mama go!

Thanks Robert! I am going to check out those songs...so cool.

Caroline said...

Great name and your mother is BEAUTIFUL.

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Caroline!!

I think so too.

Although my picture hating mom, would argue with you...she was mortified that I posted a pic of her!

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