The name game....

I am trying to come up with alternate names for my novel "Navel Gazing". My debut novel is about to make the rounds to publishers and my agent and I want to have a few more options to play around with.

The right name makes all the difference. I should know, I am a professional namer and I have seen how an amazing name can make people stand up and notice. Just ask Madonna or Prince, or Google, which is so popular a name it has become a verb! I have named everything from vodka to video games, baby food to books!

But finding that right name, that is a different matter. I will often change the names of my characters several times before I get it right, which can make my dear husbands head spin, when I am reading pages aloud. "What? Who is Ingrid? I thought her name was Hannah...now it's Rachel...then who's Ray?" Sigh.

So here I am brainstorming away on a name that says everything I tried to say in 315 pages, a name that will make people look at the cover and say..."Oh I got to read that!" Naming other people's things is so much easier.

What was the hardest thing that you ever had to name...and did you change your mind?

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