The new novel lies in slumber...

I am approaching the "where the hell do I go from here?" moment in my novel. In fact it has already arrived, but I am one week away from really having to stare it in the face, although I see it, looming, taunting, reminding me that all the angst of the first 100+ pages, is going to revisit me with these next 100.

I want to press pause. I want the days on the calendar to stop passing, the clock to temporarily cease ticking and for the phone not to ring, while I escape to a cabin in Big Sur overlooking the Redwood forest and sit in front of a fireplace with Jeff and Mabel and write for a month straight.

This is not going to happen. But I am going to get a visit from my beloved folks for 5 days, which will be a wonderful treat. We love to just hang out, read, watch movies, eat yummy things, gab and stroll. And there will be writing at night, as they tend to retire early with the paperbacks in hand and the news on in the background.

And I am going to try and enjoy myself knowing, that at the end of the week, when all the fun is over...my novel will be staring me down, demanding to know where we are going next.

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lynn said...

it'll be nice to see your folks. if you're anything like me, it'll get your creative juices flowing b/c i have so many childhood issues.

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