Feeding the muse and writing breakthroughs...

Sometimes you gotta feed the muse. My muse likes loud music, chocolate, caffeine, salt and yes...pinkberry.

If there's one thing that I have learned, is that I will do whatever it takes, read indulge whatever craving I have, to get more words on the page. I will bribe and cajole and feed my writing brain whatever she desires, just to keep my butt in the chair until the words start to come out from their hiding place and onto the page. Today's cajoling resulted in 1000 new words. It took a huge iced coffee, a liter of water, a salad for lunch at my desk, 7 hours and the now empty container that you see here, full of coconut/passion fruit swirl and chocolate chips...but it was worth it.

My first novel took lots of cajoling, and added (a now gone) extra 6 pounds on my 5'7 frame. With this second novel I am leaning less on the baked chips, but still, if I think that a pint of frozen yogurt will buy me an extra hour or two at my desk it is worth it. I guess if I still smoked, something I haven't done in years, I would be chaining away. Thankfully my new found addiction is much healthier and comes in many exciting flavors. What can I say, my muse has a sweet tooth...tomorrow she just might get the pomegranate/original swirl.

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