These are hard days for so many of us. Not enough employment opportunities to go around, more competition than ever for them, and having to work just as hard for less than before. I was saying last night to my husband that I feel like the out put is 100% and the return is 10%. I'm operating at a 90% deficit or as my husband likes to call it...investment in the future, I'm just waiting for the return!

I joked that I will look back on these past few years as the transition years; moving to L.A., hitting my mid 30's, enduring 2 industry strikes, and a recession, the time when I really moved the focus away from my acting, and towards my writing. Transitions are difficult, they take time, and patience and energy, so much energy, and trust and an understanding that a massive front loading of effort is required to move onto the next thing. It is like moving. There is so much work to do, so much time dedicated to the move, but once the move happens, and you are living in your new space, you look back and say, wow, that was worth it.

A lot of people have switched or like me, added another career to the one they already have. I knew someone whose mom went back to Law school in her 50's, my own mom became a real estate agent 5 years ago, and I am always so impressed when someone just decides to make a move and go for it.

What about you, any big switches that you made after you thought you were all set and done?

And one more thing, I'd like to ask for a collective good thought from everyone reading this...my debut novel is making the rounds to publishers in NYC as I write this!! Fingers crossed. Now that would be a great return on my investment!

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lynn said...

best of luck to you! i transitioned last year and am now transitioning back....sometimes just transitioning is the transition itself...

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