How do you do it?

I made it! I survived the all encompassing love that is my family!! I adore my family, and love visiting them and my friends, but find it so hard to do work when I am there. Now, I know some people would say, "But it's a vacation! You're not supposed to work!" But the truth is, it isn't always a vacation, and when you are self employed, you take the work when the work comes regardless of whether you wanted to or not. Sometimes the free time and the work time overlap, and I understand that it may be hard for people to understand that just because there is no office building that I go to, or just one particular boss, that I am working. But working for oneself is hard, I love it, but it demands that I make my own schedule, hustle up my own clients and contracts and meet deadlines that I set and are set for me when I get freelance work.

I tried to explain this to my niece and nephew who were trying to grasp the concepts of agents and clients and wondered who could I fire and who could fire me? They also wanted to know why I didn't go into an office, whether I got 3 weeks holiday a year, and if one day I would leave my apartment and get a real house. Now they are 6, and almost 4, but their confusion about what I do for a living and how it gets done, is completely understandable. Most of us grew up around people who went into an office, put in their hours, got paid on Fridays and had yearly vacation time. And yes, lived in houses.

This struggle to balance, work and play with my family is an ongoing struggle that sometimes we all get right and sometimes we don't. I am lucky that everyone has the best of intentions and that really we all just want to spend time with each other...I mean who wouldn't want to spend the day at an amusement park with delicious children instead of doing research.

And I know I am not alone, I have lots of friends who are not writers who struggle to balance work/play/family/friends and other commitments and I am wondering how do they do it? How do you do it?

I know one person who got up and wrote everyday from 4:00am -6:00am, and then ran a company for the rest of the day. He only slept 4 hours though, and after getting just over 5 hours sleep a night this last trip, I can honestly say that would kill me.

Tell me how do you balance it all? Or don't you?

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lynn said...

i had a similar issue arise while on vacation with my family in south dakota - had to memorize lines when i was supposed to be "relaxing." they mumbled, but they understood and helped me, also....

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