Gina Colada!!!

Writers do many types of writing to make ends meet. We write for ourselves, for freelance assignments, we submit to magazines and contests and blogs and some of us even do copywriting. I do, and I love it. Love it, love it, love it! I personally adore advertising, always have, long before MadMen was on tv (which I also adore), I have been obsessed with creating catchy names and slogans for things. I used to name my parties and comedy shows and give nicknames to people and things whenever I could. I also used to make up songs to go with these little crazy catch phrases, but have since spared the general public of my lack of vocal ability and just put pen to paper, to get the message across.

Just recently I decided to get my copywriting website up and running and here it is! If it exists, I can name it, if it's named, I can create a slogan for it, if it needs to be sold I can write ad copy for it. There are a lot of things I can not do, but this I can and I do and I am so lucky to be able to call it a job.

I guess all those years of being a receptionist at my parents hair salon reading magazines really did pay off!

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lynn said...

i heart mad men. i saw their parking spots at the l.a. center studios the other day and my heart skipped a beat, thinking i'd bump into don draper. thanks for your sweet words on my blog. i may take to sleeping it off, it sounds like a great idea. we should meet up sometime on larchmont, m'dear!

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