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If you read this blog, you know I am a fan of Feng Shui. How can I not be? Anything that makes me think about my intentions and my space and what I want from both of them is good by me. We started to Feng Shui our places and our lives 6 months after we moved to L.A. because everything went into the crapper. I was in a desperate way and yet I still managed to be skeptical, which I think is a good thing, and bombarded Ariel Joe with all kinds of questions and made him explain, no, defend his practice to me. We gave it a try. It worked. Jeff and I talked about what we wanted from the big move, we got on the same page, we talked about what we wanted from our living space, we made it happen and although there were some rough transitions, things turned around and became clearer for both of us.

One of the things I decided to do was get focused about my writing, which meant moving my desk out of the kitchen across from the stove and fridge and in the corner, and into the living/dining room. I mean why have a big empty dining table, just staring at me all day long and not write on it? Well, because I was keeping that living room nice for when people came over, which was once a week, and for dinner parties, which we almost never had because the space was so small. I made sure when I wrote to face the front door, an empowering position and surrounded our space with things that were positive and made me feel good, and not sad reminders of another time and place. And when I made the move to the dining room table, which happened to be in the Creativity section of my home, the writing felt better and easier and I started to write 5 hours a day...sometimes even 8 or 10, when a few hours had been a struggle.

I know this seems like common sense, move to a bigger space, feel better, write more...and it is. But we often don't do things that are right for us or make sense and sometimes we need a gentle push to get us there. Ariel is that guy. I love Ariel, he is a football loving-wine drinking-chocolate indulging-acting-writing-road tripping regular guy, who listens and guides and doesn't preach, and he believes that what everybody gets from it is up to them. For example, I could say, oh bigger room, bigger desk, better work space, or go a step further and believe that the section of my apartment, the fact that the desk was placed in the creativity section of my Feng Shui map (Bagua) influenced my productivity. Either way I wrote like a maniac and since then have always Shwayed my workspace. We Feng Shui our entire home too, and do a yearly tune up.

I have friends who swear by Feng Shui and friends who don't believe in it all, but even those who don't believe and have tried a few thing always say..."now, you know I don't believe in this stuff...but ever since you suggested that I give it a try, my business/creativity/love life is better."

The success stories are endless, but like anything the only way to know is to try for yourself, and this fall Ariel has cut his prices by 50% to give those who are curious an opportunity to do just that.

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lynn said...

pretty cool! i grew up with my parents getting feng shui experts in and out of our house. it was embarrassing at the time, but now it's where i wanna be more than anything...there's no place like home....

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