My shoulder is numb...

I am falling apart. I spent the whole morning as a house frau, cleaning, walking the dogs, exercising and then have spent the afternoon researching blogs, as I want to revamp this little baby. I still have pages to write and homework to post, but the problem is that my shoulder is numb. Okay, worse than numb, it is killing me, and I can barely type right now. It's because I have spent too much time at the computer. I try to get up and move around, and take the dogs outside to play or go for a walk, but it seems that none of this was enough today to keep my shoulder from throbbing like a maniac. Alas, I have booked a long overdue massage for 5:00pm and hopefully that will help, and then I can get back to writing tomorrow.

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lynn said...

oh dear. hope someone with magic hands sorted things out.

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