This is what Writer's Block looks like...

Big writing day today. Big decisions to make, lots of mapping to do, lots of plotting...so it makes perfect sense that I would have an extra long pilates class, a bath, help Jeff with an audition and then make not one, but two soups. The first is really more of a stew of tomatoes, winter vegetables from the farmers market, white wine and dill. The other is a sweet potato leek soup that I puree and then add Kale too. Both are delicious, both require a lot of chopping and are time consuming, which is perfect because the soup ain't the only thing cooking on low today! My brain is stuck. My story is at this pivotal moment where I need to pick it all apart and then put it back together again in order to know where to go next. And I have been wondering just how far down the Rabbit Hole do I go with this story and my protagonist and the answer I know is...all the way down. But that is hard. And it is painful for my characters and therefore for me as well. Sigh. But I want it to be great and I want to be complex and full of a million ingredients, just like my soups.

What about you? How do you procrastinate? And if there are any time consuming recipes involved, please do not hesitate to send them!

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lynn said...

at least you're productive when you procrastinate...the soups look lovely!

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