The Pepperonies are back!

Pepperonies are what my Chinese Medicine doctor and acupuncturist calls these big blotches left from cupping my back. I love Dr. Jane Kim at Star Health clinic and think that she is amazing at what she does. Right now she is working on my shoulder and my allergies and my bum knee. I have this horrible tasting tea that I have to drink twice a day for 23 days and I am not allowed too much coffee or wine. (This was an intense negotiation where I refused to give up coffee all together!)

Tomorrow I get the icky tea mixture and then Thursday it is back for more needles. Alas, what can I do? A gal's gotta write!

1 comment:

lynn said...

have never done the cupping - i like hearing that it works though! am currently doing acupuncture....not sure if it's all just b.s. for moi

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