Bricks and Scones!

I did it! I found a place that I like to write in that is outside of the home. Now I have only been there once, but still, I got 2 pages done, which is miraculous. As I have written before, I like to write from my home office, where I can control my environment, hang out with my pooches and frequent the kitchen and bathroom as often as I like! (As a big coffee drinker, this is really important!) But sometimes, like when we have guests, or when the home is just busy and I need to escape, I like to think that there is somewhere I can go.

I have tried so many places, without much luck, and not one but two people recommended Bricks & Scones. The first person was my screenwriter friend Judd, who shares my need for quiet and good coffee, and the other is a cyber friend, an actor writer blogger named Lynn, who writes a smart healthy food blog I read daily, called the actors diet. And so, desperate for some additional quiet time last week, I went after Lynn nudged me to try it....and I LOVED it. It's just like the kind of places that I have enviously listened to my friends in NYC describe; a cool writer's hang out, with great coffee (Intelligentsia) and yummy baked goods, (homemade scones! espresso muffins!), and a real respect for the fact that everyone there wishes that they had a third room where they could just go and write. In fact, that is what Bricks and Scones says it aspires to be...your third room.

I almost don't want to share this place, but it is too good to be kept a secret, and if other writers hadn't shared it with me, I would still be trying to write with blinders and my Bose noise canceling head phones on, with people having a great time all around me! Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love to have a good time, and I love to have guests, but I am a terrible companion if I don't get my work done, and now I never have to worry about that again.
And I can eat espresso muffins! Did I mention that they have espresso muffins?!! Fabulous!

Thanks Lynn and Judd!


Grand Pooba said...

Can you bring one o those home next time? Mmmmm,espresso baked goods !

lynn said...

yay! so glad you like it there! maybe i will see you sometime....

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