A desk, becomes a room of one's own...

I have been missing my characters lately. We have friends staying with us, and we are having the most amazing time, and they are the most wonderful house guests, but my writing time has been scarce. It seems that when I have the time, (they are generous friends who insist that I make time to write) my characters go into hiding and make themselves unavailable. They whine that we only have a few hours together and demand whole days and nights and sulk when they can not get it.

Alas, I thankfully got 12 pages out before our friends arrived and 3 more while they are here, which is great, and tomorrow I will indulge my characters and once again give them my undivided attention for 5 whole days. A friend of mine once said that writing takes space...physical, mental, psychological, and she was right. Writing takes time, and not just the time one spends at the keyboard. These days if I only have 2 hours, I get nothing done. It takes me 2 hours just to find my groove. I have awesome headphones to block out noise, but I also seem to need to be able to close a door, so that my visual stimuli is blocked out too. This is why I am unable to write in coffee shops, too many things going on that I can not control, not to mention too many pastries!

Seeing as my office becomes the guest room when we have company, and I lose my private space to write, I decided to order a narrow desk on line and stick it in our bedroom, so that I have somewhere to go. It means that the dogs will have to give up their crate, but as they have taken over the whole bed anyway, I decided that this is a sacrifice that they could make. And I got it in a gorgeous mustardy yellow!

Soon I will have a little retreat for when company comes. A place to go and hide out for a few hours each day, without being tempted to play. And maybe, just maybe, when my characters learn that I have bought us a new desk...they will stop sulking and come out and join me.


lynn said...

if you're looking for a good place to write outside the home, check out bricks and scones on larchmont (which i wrote up a review of a while ago) on my blog:


they have free wi-fi, comfy seating, good food, and it's really quiet in there!!! everyone is, it seems, a writer!

Gina Sorell said...

Thank you for your fabulous suggestion!! I remember reading that post!

I went and loved it and am gonna write about it tomorrow!! So happy to find a place that I can write!

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