These 4 walls...

It seems that I am renting a very expensive studio apartment...my office. I practically live here these days. Today I rolled out of bed, and was at my desk at 8:00 am, and then worked until 1:30, eating my cereal and doing freelance work, all the while in my pajamas. I finally made it to the shower around 2:00pm and was eating lunch at my desk, again, at 2:30pm. I love my office/studio apt. I just miss the rest of my apartment too! I do have a laptop and can move around if I want, and I will when we have 2 house guests in here....that'd be a bit cramped!

Alas I have 2 new things to make me smile when my back stiffens up and my arms feel like they might fall off from typing so much....wine gums and cue cards.

The cue cards are for helping me map my novel out and I have written every scene and thread up until page 176 on them! It's great to be able to flip through and check something out on the cards, rather than scrolling through my whole novel when I need to.

And the wine gums are from Canada. This packet has remained closed since last September when my folks visited! Talk about restraint. I have found only one or two specialty shops that sell small roles of these weirdly delicious gummy candies. My mother and I can polish off the whole bag, which makes opening the bag, a big decision! But this week, an easy one.


tiffany kimball said...

Wine gums? Yum yum! Try and save at least one for me... so curious to see what it tastes like. In the meantime....keep on treking!!!!

lynn said...

want. that. candy.

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