Birthday Wishes

This week coming up I am gonna do a lot of eating playing and loving, as my Mom and Dad are coming to visit for my birthday and that is something to shout about. I am combining two blog posts here as you can see, as I have been crazy busy trying to get ready for their visit and have had been blessed with naming and copywriting work, auditions and progress in the novel.

I love that my folks are coming down for my birthday and I love birthdays, although I don't love that I can not help but make myself a goal that I try to reach by birthday every year and as the date nears, I start to take stock of all that I did and didn't get done...the projects completed, the money made, the fitness goals etc. I used to always say, "I am gonna lose 5 pounds by my birthday!" and then be bummed when I didn't, and beat myself up. I stopped doing that, because well, it is just ridiculous. But I do set other traps for myself and this birthday I think I am going to give myself the present of no longer doing this.

I turn 38 this year and had previously declared, "by the time I turn 38, I will be published!" Well, it hasn't happened so far, but my debut novel is out at several publishers, and has been requested by a fabulous independent press, and I am hopeful that it will find a great home. I am also nearly finished the first draft of my second novel, and each day, I am making progress.

Yesterday I had a wonderful phone call with my writing mentor and friend, who reminded me that "these things take as long as they take." She was talking about my second novel, but it really can be applied to all areas of life. We can not control the time line or the outcome of everything we do, but we can control what we do day to day. And for me the most important thing, is just to keep on doing. As another friend of mine likes to say...Keep on keeping on!

This birthday I plan to celebrate all that I already have accomplished and think positively about all that I still want to do. I plan to eat dinner out with my family, play hooky with my mom and go window shopping, and celebrate all the love that I am so lucky to have.

Let's give a shout out to getting older...and wiser.

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lynn said...

happy happy birthday! have fun with your family.

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