The price of playing hooky...

I had a fabulous week visiting with my folks and playing hooky! It took me a few days to relax, like it always does, but once I did, I quickly turned into a window shopping-sidewalk strolling-pinkberry eating-magazine reading machine! The only work I did was audition and exercise and it was lovely. I spent the whole week being the birthday girl and feeling the love from so many wonderful friends and family, near and far.

My folks left yesterday, and today I locked myself in my office and began to chip away at the mountain of work that awaited me. I have 2 huge deadlines Friday, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and in order to make them, I will do what I did today...sit at my desk. I have eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, and am going to call it quits, so I can tune in to Nurse Jackie and Damages and tune out the freelance writing that I am working on.

The greatest things about being self employed are also the worst things. But it is on days like this, after a week of not having to go into work because I make my own schedule, that makes all the stress worth it. As long as my deadlines are met, and they will be, that is all that matters. The time management...work hard, play hard, work even harder...that is up to me.

Some days it's good to be my own boss!

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

yes it is, indeed, good to be boss. and i do find that after having family in town and playing hooky, it actually feels really good to get back to work!

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