Not too much to post today. I am a working machine, spending all day and often all night in my office, trying to meet all kinds of dead lines. Some are for work, some are self imposed, but all matter and will hopefully lead to more work.

I love working. I really do. And like a lot of people I am at my happiest when I am busiest. Happily sequestered in my gorgeous little office, my desk adorned with all my little talismans, fresh flowers, an ever present cup of coffee, water, candy, my sweet dogs napping nearby, and Pandora playing on my computer. I hardly notice that I sometimes eat all 3 meals a day in here! I always wanted a room of my own to write, and I finally got one , and I have to say that it makes all the difference. Of course visitors are allowed, and welcomed, as are naps on the daybed!

Although I see very little napping in my future, as I hope to finish the last few chapters of my novel by the end of April. It's a big deadline, but an important one, and when it is done...I am gonna throw a party, right here, in my office!

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

good luck with the deadline! it's fantastic that you've carved out a comfy space for yourself. i get too stir crazy - and i need more sunshine.

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