Medium Art Show!!!

If you are in L.A. this weekend, check out another great Medium show. Medium is an event that happens 4 times a year in different spaces in Los Angeles, and pairs together a great group of artists with fabulous music, drinks and a whole lot of fun. The first Medium event that I went to also had a wild dance performance, that just kind of happened in the space amongst the crowds and the artists. The idea is the celebration of art in all its Mediums, and so not only are different artistic disciplines featured, but so many different types of visual art as well.

It's a terrific way to see a whole bunch of established and emerging artists at once, and as an art lover, it's Heaven. My friend Beau Clark showed his work their last time, a series of stunning nudes, and I was lucky enough to snap up a beautiful small piece of a woman's breast painted on reclaimed wood, which now proudly hangs in my living room and is admired by all who see it.

Beau will be showing his art again this weekend, along with a great line up of artists, (click the link to learn more) and the whole event costs just ten dollars and includes free wine. And just think, even if you don't purchase any of the art, you are experiencing it and supporting, and being a living part of it, and that's kind of what Medium is all about. Although buying the art, is pretty great too!

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