Catching my breath...

I know it's Tuesday and that is the day that I bring you another Amazing Author interview, but this week I am going to encourage everyone to read through the interviews that I have already posted if you haven't had a chance and promise that next week I will be back with a great interview that Caroline Leavitt did with Anne Lamotte.

If things are a bit out of order with the blog this last week, it's because so am I. I have been working non-stop on a big freelance project that needs to be done by Thursday. It's for a new company, which means that everything is being formed for the first time, the personality, the tone, the way of communicating ideas, everything is being shaped from scratch, and it is such a thrill to be get it on the ground floor and be a part of a launch. It is also a tremendous amount of work and everything else has taken a back seat. My novel that is calling to me, the paper work that is piling up on my desk, my closet that is bursting at the seams and needing to be organized...all of it, must wait. There are just two days left to go and then everything, and everyone else that needs me, can have my attention again. But until then, I am like a horse with blinders on, racing to the finish line. A tired, over caffeinated, horse. Giddyyup!!

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