Yesterday morning I sent my manuscript to a fabulous and brilliant writer friend, who read my ms and got back to me with notes all in one day!! I was beyond thrilled with the feedback and with the great suggestions at what could be strengthened and drawn out more. I have pages and pages of notes and am so excited about revising my novel, that I can barely stand it!

I used to hate revisions. Somehow revising meant to me that I wasn't doing something right. That the work wasn't good enough, or that I wasn't talented enough, and now I look at revising as an opportunity to really strengthen my work. As this is my second book, I have a little more knowledge, of just how competitive the book world is, and what it really takes to make a novel stand out amongst the countless manuscripts all vying for a few spots on a publishers desk.

This novel was exhausting to write. It was challenging technically and complicated emotionally, and that last thing I expected was to find a second wind when it came time to revise, but I have. Today after a long walk with the pooches, I am going to get down to revising...with an enormous cup, okay, second cup of coffee. I can not wait!!


lynn @ the actors diet said...

that's terrific that you are now able to love revisions - it's something that i was never good at - i guess i view it as criticism. the one or two times i've had to deal with editors flashes me back to my time in college...ugh!

Gina Sorell said...

I think it takes time, and also one must consider the source. I don't respond to all criticism favorably!
But my friend is beyond brilliant and accomplished, and I would be crazy not to feel heartened and emboldened by her feedback.

I also want this book to be as brilliant as it can be! And that means revisions.

Anonymous said...
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