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I am from a mixed faith family. My Mom's side is Jewish, my Dad's side is Catholic, and my grandmother was a seeker who studied just about every religion growing up, and shared what she felt was the best of each of them with me.

I will freely admit that as a child it could be very confusing, as I desperately wanted to belong to one or the other, but as I got older, I began to really appreciate that my family hadn't give me any easy answers in the faith department. Well, they had given me one. Love. Love and let live. If something works for someone, good. As long as that belief is full of love and doesn't condemn or alienate, or hate on anyone else, than fine. In other words, they taught me to respect my own beliefs and to respect others. Like my grandmother, they supported my curiosity into other faiths, beliefs and philosophies and never insisted that I had to name what it was that I felt. There was, and still is, a general understanding that we all have our own way of seeing things, and that is a good thing.

One thing we all liked to do though, is get together to mark the holidays and hang out with each other over good food, and great desserts. And so this year far away from my Canadian family's Passover Seder/ Easter dinner, my husband and I kept our own little tradition alive, by having a a dinner with the two of us, reading from the Haggadah that was give to me by best friend's mother as a child, and eating a splendid meal that I bought from start to finish from The Larchmont Larder. This too is a bit of a tradition, as my mother stopped cooking for all of us and started ordering instead as we got older! And on Easter Sunday, we were invited to a neighborly Easter get together, with about a dozen people who live on our street, and it was fabulous!

I love honoring traditions and keeping them alive, and I love finding ways to do so that feel honest and true to who I am and how I live my life. What about you? do you have any new traditions that you love...say a "birthday week" or something special?

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

that is GREAT to know about the larder and takeout for the holidays!

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